Total War: Three Kingdoms second update is out now

Total War: Three Kingdoms has proven to be a very successful title with the game becoming Steam’s biggest release of 2019, which led it to topping the UK’s first ever digital chart. It didn’t fare too badly in our review as well with Jim saying, “Creative Assembly has made some clever refinements around the edges of that enduringly addictive strategic core, allowing fans to steep themselves in yet another historic saga. However, there’s a chance that some won’t gel with this new setting or the way Guanzhong’s epic has been adapted. It’s another fun and rewarding take on the series, though we’d struggle to call it a must-buy.”

However, like all games, there have been issues at launch that require patching, and Creative Assembly has released update 2 to sort some issues out. Have a read of the notes below.



  • Several further known crashes have been addressed
  • All multiplayer lobbies should now be clearly visible


  • Chinese text written in chat
  • Removed some inappropriate character names that were being applied to generic characters


  • Reduced Yuan Shao’s desire to vassalise every faction under the sun. This is a first-time assessment.
  • Cruelty the Flogging the Troops event. Liu Bei
  • Liu Bei’s faction now triggers correctly
  • Dong Zhuo Dies event triggering

You can read the Total War Three Kingdoms review here.

Source: Total War official site

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