Packaging suggests that The Last of Us Part II does not have multiplayer

We have seen very little of The Last of Us Part II, and even less of the multiplayer portion of the game but that might be because it doesn’t exist anymore. Sony recently released a Days of Play exclusive PlayStation 4 console and  the small print on the packaging has the following disclaimer:

PlayStation Plus sold separately. Marvel’s Spider-Man, Days Gone, God of War and The Last of Us Part II do not support online multiplayer.


This contradicts a statement that was given by The Last of Us Part II’s co-director Anthony Newman at E3 last year. “Factions is coming back,” he confirmed, “Multiplayer is coming back. We’re not going to talk details yet about what form that takes, but we can confirm there will be multiplayer,” added co-director Kurt Margenau.

Naughty Dog have been hiring developers for a multiplayer project but they usually have two games in production at once so the hires may be for something else. It’s also possible that the multiplayer portion of the game is being held back and will be released after the game launches, releasing huge chunks of content after launch is starting to become a trend these days.

Of course the other option is someone screwed up when making the box for the Days of Play PlayStation 4 console but as that sort of thing will have checked and double checked by a lot of people that does seem unlikely. Wording on packaging is very important, it’s informing the purchaser exactly what they are getting and is legally binding, this isn’t a press release cobbled together by a PR department.

The Last of Us Part II was in the news just yesterday when it was spotted that Ashley Johnson, who plays Ellie in the game, almost revealed the launch date. During an interview she is asked when the game is coming out and says “I think it’s Fe-” before stopping herself, it appears she was going to say February.

Source: Gamespot / Reddit

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  1. I will be very disappointed if Multiplayer is not involved as the previous TLoU MP was fantastic and different!
    Spent so many hows on the original and remaster.

  2. Hopefully it doesn’t have the MP stuff and they’ll put the extra effort into the single player game instead. Not that the first game seemed to have much effort put into the MP side. Like their other games, it was a bit of a pointless addition, given the slightly wonky gameplay in the main game.

    Put all the MP resources into making something that plays as good as it looks and sounds.

  3. Clearly you two should fight to the death to decide who is right.

    • Then we shall have match of The Last of Us Multiplayer you chose 3 of your greatest champions and I shall choose my 3 greatest champions and we will fight to death as TC says.
      Or we can don our fancy hat and download Pub Fights and we can fight to the death… after a few pints of course!

      • If you want to settle it in a Fancyhat game (which is probably a better bet than an oily pants fight in some sort of dome), can we pick one I’m good at? I’m ranked 19 in Honor & Duty: D-Day. Mainly because the top players seem to have mastered using an Aim controller _and_ a Move controller for a sidearm. And are probably 20 years younger than me.

        My 9 grenades at once trick will soon settle things.

    • It’s all very well saying “fight to the death”, but without further details, I can’t agree to it.

      Will we be wearing some sort of costume, or doing it in our underwear?

      Will oil be involved?

      Will said fight occur in some sort of special arena? A cage? A dome? Or near some ruins?

      Will actual death be required, or will “Stop it! That hurts/tickles/is a bit weird!” be an acceptable end?

      Will it be acceptable if I kick him in the balls and run away and hide?

      It’s fine to sit there and declare a fight to the death, but you obviously haven’t thought it through, and I have, for some reason.

      • I agree to all! Tickle is one of my biggest weakness! We need to estavlisb some ground rules. Also we I don’t mind a Dome Arena with crowds chanting two men enter and one man leaves and Tina Turner to be the referee!

  4. Ashley Johnson plays Ellie

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