Ashley Johnson may have revealed The Last of Us Part II’s launch date

With Death Stranding launching this November there is no chance The Last of Us Part II will be in the shops this year, so when will it be out? In recent years Sony has laid claim to the early months of the year launching titles such as God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn during that period with great success, could The Last of Us Part II be scheduled for that lot slot?

Ashley Johnson, who plays Ellie in the games, was recently interviewed by Brian W. Foster and he asks her when the game is coming out. Unfortunately, he doesn’t stop to wait for an answer which is very annoying is it appears Ashley was about to reveal the date.


At the 1:07:21 the question is popped and while Brain carries on talking Ashley seems to say “I think it’s Fe-” before stopping herself. She is certainly saying a word starting with the letter F so it’s either February or Friday, and we’re putting money on the former.

However, further on the interview she is asked again when game will be out and she jokes “It’s going to be three years from now.”

Ashley does discuss her role as Ellie in the interview but is very careful about what she reveals. “I think in this game in particular because… uhm… er,” she says, obviously trying to work out if she can say anything. “I’m trying to think of what I can say!” she adds.

“They are really fine tuning every little moment in the game,” she continues, “We talk about every scene before we shoot it, and this particular game we have shot stuff that emotionally and mentally and physically I have never done in my life. I have come home with the bruises and physically exhausted from it.”

Source: YouTube

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  1. She wouldn’t be the first celeb to give something away in an interview.

    I missed that she was Ellie in the first game, which is strange as I recognise more actors on TV via voice than their looks. And she’s one of my favourite characters in Blindspot.

  2. Sounds likely with that date. Personally I will probably ignore this one as its expression in violence seems to be taking it too far.

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