Here are the patch notes ahead of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Story Creator update 2

June 27th will see the release of update 2 for the Story Creator of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. This mode allows players to create and play customised quests set in the world of Odyssey, though to create the stories you’ll need to do it through the official Stories website. The Story Creator tool allows you to create any kind of quest from simple light-hearted things to much deeper and complex situations that intertwine relationships, and you can access all of these stories through the Story Creator option in the games.

The update 2 patch notes are below with Story Mode going down for 30 minutes.

Story Creator update 2


Story Creator Mode website

  • The Hall of Fame now shows Stories made in the selected website’s language by default.
  • Improved the search system to better show relevant results.

Story Creator

  • NPCs can now be Elite if their factions/archetypes allow it
  • Added an All/None filter in the Map’s legend to hide/show all icons
  • Added a visual aid to make it easier to zoom in/out the Canvas
  • Added several validation pop-ups when trying to delete NPCs and quest blocks, to limit unwanted deletion


Story Creator Mode website

  • Addressed several visual issues

Story Creator

  • Addressed an infinite loading issue when leaving the Story Creator idle for too long
  • Addressed an issue causing potential Story breakers when using a cage in two different objectives of the same Story

Source: Ubisoft

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