Watch some enemies get dismembered in eight minutes of The Surge 2 gameplay

The Surge 2 is coming this September and we’ve seen quite a bit of it including cultists coming up against the main character in the E3 trailer. Now a new gamplay walkthrough has been released where the mission is to find a crashed medical drone and retrieve its items, though such a treasure has caught the attention of scavengers and the armed unit that has put Jericho City under quarantine due to the events of the first game. The gameplay is around eight minutes long and shows different elements of combat as well as parts of the environment.


One of the focuses of this walkthrough is targetting specific parts of enemies like limbs or their head to defeat them, and also gaining schematics to new tools or weapons which can then be used by you. Another element that was shown is the drone that can have various attachments added to it including an EMP that can damage nearby things like gates, or a sniper attachment that will fire off powerful rounds at enemies. There’s also a boss fight shown off where the enemy in question is compiled of nano bots.

Stefan went hands on with The Surge 2 and in it he said, “The Surge 2 is looking like a good step up over the first game, evolving Deck13’s take on the Souls-like genre. It feels like a fairly straight up sequel, both in terms of the story and the way that they’re evolving their formula, but the inspirations are still inescapable in places – one direct play for the Souls fan is being able to leave graffiti hints in the world for other plays to find passively. ”

You can read the preview here.

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