Tetris 99 Big Block DLC will get offline local multiplayer later this year

The unlikely mish-mash of Tetris 99 and Battle Royale will be getting a little more up close and personal with an update to the previously released Big Block DLC later this year, as Nintendo have revealed two new local multiplayer modes that will be added to the game as part of the season pass.


Joining the solo-play CPU Battle, where you battle against 98 bots, and Marathon mode, which is a simple Tetris high score chase, the two offline multiplayer modes will be Local Arena, where up to eight players with Switches can join for a local battle, and 2P Share Battle, which you can play with two players on one system.

Additionally, Tetris 99 will be getting a physical release on Switch, coming out on 20th September, and will include the Big Block DLC contents… because charging for a game that is free as part of a paid subscription and that still requires a paid subscription would obviously be absolute bobbins.

The Big Block DLC season pass arrived a few months after Tetris 99’s February launch, costing $9.99/£8.99. While Tetris 99 is bundled in as a Nintendo Switch Online exclusive, requiring an active subscription and only featuring the titular 99-player battle royale mode, Big Block made it possible to play the game without an online connection. As with the two solo modes, the two local multiplayer modes will be playable without an online connection, but it’s not clear whether all players in a Local Arena battle will need to own Big Block, or if access can be shared by a single owner.

Source: Twitter

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