What We Played #408 – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Tiny Metal & Spider-Man

The British Summer has been playing the long con on me, as I now just assume that the weather’s going to be fine and warm. A bit cloudy, maybe, but definitely not raining, so I don’t need to check the weather before heading out.

In unrelated news, I just bought an umbrella while I’ve been out and about today. It has polka dots on it.

When not getting caught out in the rain, there’s been a few games on my to play list. There was a sprinkling of Super Mario Maker 2, a drizzle of Wargroove, a short downpour of Gato Roboto, and I got to look at a trio of upcoming Switch games today that I’ll have more to say about next week. Hopefully the weather’s turned by then, eh?

Nic’s finished The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, concluding “I now know what the fuss was about” only about two years late, while Ade has been playing a ton of Spider-Man and has dubbed it “a Marvel fanboy’s wet dream.”

Speak of which (Marvel, that is), Nick has reviewed Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order this week, and reckons it’s a good ‘un. When not knocking baddies around, he’s been playing the role fo a dinosaur breeder in Jurassic Park Evolution, getting up to the third island.

There’s not been a lot of gaming for Gamoc this week, so he revisited Spider-Man, and with a house guest to keep entertained (which I suspect might be his new robot vacuum cleaner friend), Tuffcub only had time for a tiny bit of Destiny 2. And rounding out the “I didn’t have time” gang, Nicole’s only managed a little bit of Overwatch for the Summer Games 2019 skins, and has been getting her nostalgia fix with Old School Runescape.

Steve polished off Metro: Exodus, and while he enjoyed the atmosphere and some of the set pieces, he felt that some of the open world bits dragged on. He’s also on the cusp of getting the platinum from Detroit as he explores the different paths, and spent an evening rattling through Bound, “which was kind of meh”.

Also a bit ‘meh’ was Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble, which Aran reviewed. He’s been having a bit more fun with deck building card battler Nowhere Prophet, the review of which you can expect next week.

Jason’s been delving into a bit of VR, finally getting around to playing the stealthy portal ’em up Budget Cuts, and complemented this with the very, very different sounding Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada.

It was a return, of sorts, to Attack on Titan 2 for Jim, as he reviewed the Final Battle revision of the game, while he’s also been playing Shenmue II and reached max rank on Crash Team Racing’s Nitro Tour. That done and dusted, he dipped back into Astro Bot.

Finally, Miguel got his anime fix with Kill La Kill -IF-, has practiced some King combos in Tekken 7 (which has almost convinced him that he wants a fightstick), and having been teaching a kids tech camp last month, he’s been playing Shellshocker.io, an FPS where everyone is eggs. Of course.

Now then, what have you played?

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