DayZ to get Private Console Servers

Bohemia Interactive had announced that online survival zombie game DayZ will soon be getting private servers for those playing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. They have teamed up with Nitrado and you can already pre-order your private DayZ server

Private server support will begin after the release of the 1.04 update, which was scheduled for the end of this month but it seems there were a few problems and Bohemia had to resubmit the code which means it could be delayed “by a couple of days.”


There are three packages available.

  • Infection Level 1: Enough room for 10 survivors, expandable at anytime, 30 day run time, cost £9.30.
  • Infection Level 2: Enough room for 16 survivors, expandable at anytime, 30 day run time, cost £12.08
  • Infection Level 3: Enough room for 24 survivors, expandable at anytime, 30 day run time, cost £17.19

You can also create a custom sever for up to 100 players, if you want to go that big and have the server run for an entire year it will cost £641. Yipes.

Here is the private server FAQ.

Q: What exactly do you mean by private servers? Like a player-made server that friends can join?
A: A private server is a customised online game session. You can rent these servers from our server hosting partner Nitrado, and customise the experience to a certain extent, as we want to keep the game concept close to the Vanilla experience at the start. On this server, every player will have their unique character that they cannot transfer to a different server.

Q: Will the private servers be persistent?
A: Yes! You, as the server owner, can decide if you want to wipe your server or not.

Q: What are the tools we get with it?
A: The servers can be controlled via the Nitrado Web Interface, the smartphone App, and the Microsoft Store App (Xbox only). You will be able to control:

  • Server name
  • Password
  • Time and time acceleration
  • Maximum player count (up to 100)
  • Camera mode
  • Access to the in-game logs, monitoring what’s happening on your server
  • Server messages

Q: When are the servers available?
A: The servers will be available once the 1.04 update goes live on your platform! You can pre-order your server now at

Q: Where can I purchase a server?
A: On Xbox, you have to download the Nitrado App where you can rent and administrate your server. If you are on PlayStation, you find all relevant information on the website of Nitrado, our server hosting partner. Please find all information on this website:

Q: How would we go about with the private servers? Do we need to host from a PC?
A: All servers will be hosted by our partner Nitrado.

Q: Do we have to pay a monthly fee for them?
A: Yes, you can find a complete list of the hosting prices at

Q: Can I restrict who has access to my server?
A: Yes, you can control who will have access to your server by setting up a password.

Q: Can I make a hardcore server (1st person view only)?
A: Yes, you can choose to enforce the hardcore or classic camera perspectives.

Q: Will I be able to change the time progression and acceleration?
A: Yes, you can decide how fast time goes by on your server, and at what time the server is after a restart.

Private servers are already available for PC gamers.

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