A Disney themed Switch is going to be released in Japan

Nintendo has confirmed that in celebration of Disney Tsum Tsum Festival that a special edition Switch will be released in Japan, and it will be the updated model with the extended battery life. Disney Tsum Tsum will be released both physically and digitally in Japan with pre-orders starting today, and the release date will be October 10th. The game itself will be the first in the Tsum Tsum series to support online multiplayer too.


As you can see from the image above the Joy-Cons are pink and purple while the dock itself has Tsum Tsum imposed on it along with images of Mickey and Minnie. There doesn’t seem to a Switch Mini version that follows a similar pattern, but if you do want a special edition Mini then you still have the options of Pokemon Sword and Shield special editions instead. There’s no news of this Disney themed console coming to the West so it looks like it’ll be an import job.

Source: Nintendo via Eurogamer

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