Nintendo double the number of levels you can upload in Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 is brilliant, but it’s far, far from perfect and that’s largely thanks to Nintendo’s typical obstinacy and atypical approach to online gaming. Thankfully they’ve been listening to the community and are making a few changes, such as bringing online multiplayer with friends in a future update.

For avid creators, it’s great to hear that Nintendo have made a server-side update to the number of levels that you can upload. This was 32 at launch and has been increased for all users to 64.


The original Super Mario Maker had a more esoteric system that drip-fed increased level upload allowances dependent on earning stars for the levels you’d uploaded. This meant that you could only upload 10 to start with, but that this could increase to 100 over time. While having 32 slots in Super Mario Maker 2 was an improvement for the players not interested in creating and sharing dozens of levels, not being able to increase this limit would have really hampered the most brilliant of creators.

Thankfully that’s not the end of it, as Nintendo’s tweet says “We plan to raise this limit again in the future,” meaning that at least one more level cap bump is on the way.

Source: Twitter

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