Death Stranding is almost certainly being released on PC

Two days ago the PlayStation Spain account made a little slip up which seemed to suggest Death Stranding might not be a PlayStation 4 exclusive anymore. The account  dropped a tweet about Hideo Kojima’s new game which we all know is exclusive to PlayStation 4 but someone still asked “Exclusive??”

“¡Hola! Actualmente, la única plataforma anunciada para el lanzamiento de Death Stranding es PS4,” replied PlayStation Spain, which means “Hi! Currently the only platform announced for the launch of Death Stranding is PS4.”

The key word there was ‘currently’, and a little later the Tweet was completely removed. Now, an eagle eyed sleuth on ResetEra has spotted another clue. The PlayStation website has a list of the exclusive games for the system and Death Stranding was clearly listed. That is, until a few days ago when the game was removed from the list.

All mentions of exclusivity seem to being removed from the PlayStation website. However, when the game was initially revealed the Sony press release did state the game is coming to PC, something Sony seemed to have forgotten in the following months and only just remembered.

Q6. What other platforms will Kojima’s first independent title be available on, besides PS4?
The title is planned to become available on PC (after PS4).

Q7. How long is the exclusivity?
We are not disclosing details.

Lest we forget Kojima Productions is not a Sony Studio, it is independent but signed their first game to Sony. A Kojima game on PC is something that will have the Epic Game Store salivating so I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up there rather than on Steam. We’re expecting some sort of Death Stranding news at Gamescom, perhaps it will be the PC reveal.

Recently we have seen some new footage for Death Stranding and the focus was the character Heartman, played by Nicholas Winding Refn, who dies every 21 minutes.. In the video we find out that Heartman has done this over 218,000 times. He spends three minutes during each death on the other side looking for his family as well as gaining an understanding of this change in reality. It may be why Sam has gone to see him in this footage.

Source: ResetEra

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  1. I can’t find the list you are referring to but I read somewhere that Concrete Genie and another PS first party exclusive isn’t on the list either. Furthermore this other platform could be PS5 and perhaps Kojimas initial idea about putting it out on PC has been scrapped. But it might come to PC, just saying.

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