Bungie to reduce the Solstice of Heroes quest from 100 mini-boss kills to 50

The Solstice of Heroes event that is currently running in Destiny 2 is one massive grind and many, many players have complained about the requirements for some of the task. By far the biggest complaint is the that one step requires you to kill 100 mini bosses in the new European Aerial Zone.

“Enough with the 100 EAZ minibosses!” writes one annoyed player on the Bungie forums, “I don’t mind the rest of it, the Gambit matches, strikes, collect orbs, do challenges, kill Guardians, but the mini boss bit is just so boring to do.”


Bungie, just for a change, are listening and have posted the following as part of This Week at Bungie.

One of the mission parameters is to defeat 100 Minibosses. Some of you have expressed that this is a few too many Boss Fights. Upon further analysis, we have agreed.

The total expectation is being revised down, from 100 to 50. The change goes live next week. If you have been struggling to hit this milestone, help is on the way. If you already hit it, please go easy on your fellow Guardians who pleaded for mercy.

We have a full guide for all the quest steps, along with details of the bounties and the new gear you can get during the Solstice of Heroes, you can read that here.

Destiny 2: Skadowkeep, the expansion release that will kick off the third year of the game, has been delayed from its traditional release window in early September to the new date on 1st October. On that new date, the expansion will be available for PS4, Xbox One, PC via Steam, with a release on Google Stadia following later in the autumn.

We didn’t make this decision lightly. We know for some of you (us too), Destiny releases are events where you take time off of work or develop a sudden sickness that keeps you from school or work (we get it, a bunch of our team takes some time off to go on their own Destiny Jacket Quest). We’re sorry for screwing up your plans and we wanted to share this information as quickly as we could.

Source: Bungie

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  1. Importantly, the final boss of EAZ will also be worth 5 kills, which means we should stop seeing people leaving after the miniboss phase.

  2. It’ll help when trying to balance a work and family life around gaming, Enjoying the grind but it’s been slow progress.

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