Meet Mama and Deadman, and check out new gameplay in the Death Stranding Gamescom trailers

Hideo Kojima took time out from meeting pop bands, drinking coffee, and flogging socks to appear at Gamescom last night and he brought some new Death Stranding trailers with him. The first introduces Mama, also known as Margaret Qualley. She seems to have adopted one of the scary ghost baby things, or BTs as they are known the game, and is breastfeeding it. “Going through the motions really helps with the soreness,” she comments.


The second video features the Bridge Baby, the infant Sam carries around with him, and Deadman, played by legendary director Guillermo Del Toro. Here we learn the Bridge Baby has a mother, but she’s brain dead and located in the capital city, she is a “Still Mother”. Because… reasons, the Still Mother’s womb connects the world of the dead and the Bridge Baby, and as Sam is connected to the Bridge Baby, he can detect the ghostly BTs.

The pod on Sam’s chest is designed to function like a womb as the BB (Bridge Baby) needs to feel at home, but the pod must be synched back brain dead mother’s womb via a network. The baby gets a actual update complete with a progress indicator.

“You should remember BB’s are just equipment, try not to get attached,” warns Deadman, “Each one has been physically removed from it’s Still Mother’s womb… not BB has remained in service for more than a year.”

Well that dark rather quickly didn’t it? Babies are just equipment and killed off after a year. There’s a lot to unpack here, if BB’s only last a year so they must need a constant supply of them, so are they brain dead Still Mothers being impregnated as used a baby factories? If not, where are all the brain dead mothers coming from?

Finally, we have a full six minute gameplay video which shows us that Sam can have a wee. Which makes mushrooms appear. Of course it does. We also get to see Sam making a delivery to Gamescom host Geoff Keighley, and comfort his BB.

Death Stranding will launch on PlayStation 4 on November 8th and looks like it will be coming to PC as well.

By the way, there are Death Stranding mugs now as well.

Source: YouTube 1/2/3 / Twitter

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