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The new trailer explores a day in Shenmue III (and awful dialogue)

Monk fruit, arcade games, budget friendly food, and toe curling dialogue make up a day in Shenmue III if this new trailer is anything to go by.

“You idiot, you can still win if you don’t have enough kung-fu,” chastises a man in a terrible bandanna. “Really?” questions our hero Ryo, “Hey, is there anywhere you can learn kung fu?” burbles bandanna boy.

“The place where they have all the street fights, I guess you’d call it an arena,” narrates our hero, completely missing the point that street fights are so called because they are held on the streets not in a bloody organised venue.

“You look like you are from Japan, and your appearance suggests you are a martial artist,” judges a wise older man a little later in the trailer. Clearly he is very wise as jeans and a brown leather jacket doesn’t exactly scream ‘I am a master of kung-fuckery’ to me.

All the comments on YouTube seem to suggest the trailer is amazing, perhaps the terrible dialogue is part of the charm that has gone right over my head.

Although Shenmue III has seen its fair share of delays after being revived through the magic of crowdfunding, you won’t have to wait much longer to see this newest chapter in Ryo Hazuki’s ongoing saga.

Developer Ys Net has confirmed that a demo (or trial version, to be more exact) will be launching soon. This preview of the game is set to launch in the second half of September but it won’t be available to everyone.

Firstly, you’ll need to have access to a PC, an Epic account, and the Epic Game Store client. The official Shenmue III blog lists the recommended PC specs if you’re unsure your machine can handle it.

Only those who backed Shenmue III during the original Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign back in 2015 will be able to access this trial version of the game, as well as those who pledged via Slacker Backer.

Ys Net confirmed that the demo will be roughly an hour long and will have Ryo performing a number of tasks within Bailu Village. This is where Ryo ends up following the events of Shenmue as he travels from Hong Kong to Kowloon in search of the evil Lan Di and the truth behind his father’s assassination.

This preview is being described as a standalone slice of Shenmue III. Ys Net didn’t clearly state exactly what this means and whether this hour long section will appear in the full game. However, the studio did confirm that you won’t be able to transfer your save data over Shenmue III when it arrives later this year.

Shenmue III will officially launch on November 19th for PlayStation and PC, where it will be an Epic Game Store exclusive.

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  1. While agree that the dialog was terrible, IMO it was nothing compared to the actual movement of the mouth when they spoke. Looked like something we got 10+ years ago in that department.

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