For Honor is currently free to play and yours to keep

Ubisoft is currently giving away free copies of its flagship fighting game, For Honor. Between now and August 29th, anyone who download it via Uplay gets to keep it forever!


Naturally, with this being a Uplay promotion, the giveaway is only available to those who have Ubisoft’s client installed on PC. For Honor was recently free to download via the Epic Games Store, having also appeared on PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t a stripped back “free trial” version Ubisoft is trying to peddle . You’ll get access to the full base game along with plenty of trimmings all without spending a penny.

With each of the twelve original heroes having their own unique play styles and progression paths, there’s plenty of game there to get your teeth stuck into.

Whether duelling one on one, playing through the campaign, or participating in larger team games, you’ll earn Steel that can be spent to unlock additional heroes. Since launch, the team at Ubisoft Montreal has continued to bump up the roster with an awesome, diverse cast of characters.

The latest hero is the Jormungandr, a zealous hammer wielding Viking warrior. You can read more about them in our For Honor Jormungandr guide.

There’s some premium content in there too though it’s all completely optional. Last year’s Marching Fire expansion includes four heroes from the Wu Lin faction as well as the singleplayer challenge-style arcade mode.

Much like Rainbow Six Siege and The Division 2, For Honor adopts a “Year Pass” model as well. A Year 3 pass will grant access to new heroes seven days before the public with some other added bonuses for dedicated fans.

Despite some teething issues, For Honor has become one of our favourite multiplayer titles of this generation. Its unique combat system alone makes it well worth investigating, especially when the game is available for free!

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