What We Played #413 – Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Control & Gamescom

There has been a lot of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne being played in our house. My eldest loves Monster Hunter as much as me, and while we run through the review (which you can expect in a couple of weeks) there has been much screaming and shouting at the TV while the new Master Rank creatures kick our bums. Besides that I’ve also been reviewing Astral Chain, as well as looking after our smallest child while he threw up everywhere. That’s not so much of a game, but weirdly he seemed to enjoy it.

Another guy on the review train is Aran who’s been playing Control. He can’t say much – or in fact anything – due to the embargo though. In a very similar story, Jason has been playing [REDACTED] which [SO REDACTED]. He also played a bit more Remnant From The Ashes, “which is growing on me more now that I’m not blasting through it for review,” and he’s jumped into some Fortnite which he alleges he’s getting okay at, and Fire Emblem where he’s becoming increasingly sad that he can’t date everyone at the same time.

Nic B has been playing Hamsterdam, a cute little kung fu romp staring a little hamster called Pim who’s is trying to save his grandpa from an evil bunny rabbit. His review is coming soon.

Hang on.. Hold the phones! Tuffcub has not been playing Destiny 2!! He has in fact been playing Man of Medan but that’s embargoed as well. That’s turning into the story of the week, isn’t it?

Ade meanwhile has been visiting family so not much gaming has been going on. However on Monday his three year old son won a gold trophy on Horizon Chase Turbo – and beat Aran and TC’s times in the process! Looks like he’s an esports champion in the making, or that our writers’ reflexes are starting to slow down…

Jim has been glued to Monster Hunter: World this week. “While I can’t say much about Iceborne, it’s been a delight diving back in and giving some different weapons a go after mainly sticking to the bow in my initial playthrough.” He’s also been dipping in and out of DC Universe Online for the Switch, but he’s still waiting for that moment when it grips him again.

Nick P has been hitting Blackout mode again this week and “generally being great at it” with a 12 kills average, while looking after his Dinos in Jurassic Park: Evolution and also getting to play Man of Medan which (surprise, surprise) he can’t talk about. Steve finished Apsulov: End of Gods for review, had an enjoyable few hours on Remnant (which is apparently so much better in co-op) and is onto the last chapter of Fist of the North Star, though there’s so much grinding to do for all the extras though so he might just finish the story and move on.

And finally we come to Tef. He’s been at Gamescom this week, so he’s played all of the games, and yet feels like he’s played nothing at all. “This year at Gamescom was like there were more than two times as many interesting games to check out than I had time for. I was happy to see the direction that Need for Speed Heat is taking, reckon that Watch Dogs Legion could be a corker, and Avengers sounds really interesting (even if Square Enix aren’t showing the right things for it).

“I think if I had to pick three games though, I’d say: Empire of Sin for that 1920s prohibition XCOM vibe, The Eternal Cylinder for the sheer weirdness of it, and Desperados 3 shows Mimimi’s mastery of the real time tactics genre. Also Fall Guys is a lot of fun. And Streets of Rage 4 is great… OK, I’ll stop now.”

Now then, if it’s not under embargo, what have you played?

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  1. Lots of NMS. Far too much. Just moved my base to a much nicer planet. Nice beaches. Pleasant atmosphere. Caves full of valuable things. Creatures that don’t attack on sight. The occasional deadly super-heated rain storm. But you can’t have everything. I’m now hearing the words “units received” in my sleep.

    Unfortunately, it’s killed off all other VR games. Had a game of Honor & Duty that involved just 4 people. 3 of which weren’t taking things seriously. Felt sorry for the newbie. So I ran him over with a Jeep. Hopefully more people will be playing that soon, with new maps, single player stuff and a physical release soon. Still worth a look for just 7 quid.

    Some Firewall may also have occurred. Loving the new map. Getting used to the new tactics everyone’s using with the motion detector. Not so keen on how they changed one of the weekly missions and took away things people had already unlocked.

    So lots of VR, and not much else this week. But then I’ve still got about 18 quintillion planets to find in NMS, so it’ll be like that for a while yet.

  2. I’ve been away on holidays for a good two weeks, returning to this odd country which is second on the list of places I spent my former life in, the UK. That did not add much gaming-wise, except for visiting the National Videogame Museum in Sheffield.
    Educational value there was almost zero, but we had fun playing Space Invaders and Donkey Kong.

    Since I’m back I mostly played Subnautica, which the kids and I love, and some more Elite Dangerous, mostly to get over the sad fact that my summer holidays, and summer itself, are over.

  3. More NMS, mostly playing in VR but switching to flat for photomode. I’m currently on a blissfull weather lush planet in eissentem, with it’s own resident diplo. I’ve set up camp near a downed freighter and won’t leave until i’ve dug up enough buried tech to unlock all the new parts and upgrades, one of which allows your launch thrusters to trickle-refuel while you are wandering about.

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