Mario Kart Tour races onto iOS and Android in September, pre-registrations go live


Nintendo have announced that Mario Kart Tour is heading to iOS and Android next month, with the Lakitu lights counting down to a 25th September release. The game is also now available for pre-registration on the App Store and Google Play, to nudge you as soon as it’s available for a free download.

Nintendo’s latest stab at the mobile gaming market takes what is easily their most bankable franchise and adapts it to a different format. Instead of playing with a landscape screen, Mario Kart Tour has been built with a vertical view and single handed play in mind.

It’s also been created with a mixture of the old, tried and tested, and the new. A bunch of familiar gameplay hooks will return, such as hang gliders, coins, and many of the classic power ups and items, but there’s also new ones that can super-size your character, for example. The same is true of the tracks, with Rainbow Road and others being joined by those inspired by the real world locations of New York, Tokyo and Paris. Those are going to be kept as the circuits used for special in-game events.

The game will be “free to start”, before leaning on in-app purchases for those that it hooks, though the specifics have yet to be revealed. Cosmetics seem to be a pretty big part of their plans. A Nintendo Account will be required in order to play.

Source: press release

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