WoW Classic players are queueing up, even once they’re actually in the game

You’d think that, having managed to wait out server queues well in excess of 20,000 players just to get into the game, the last thing you’d want to do is queue up again. It’d be like getting through security at an airport and then turning around to have another go through the metal detector. Still, forming an orderly in-game queue is exactly what players dipping into World of Warcraft Classic are doing.

It’s all a bit reminiscent of that time that people had to queue up to speak to an NPC quest giver in The Division, and given that WoW Classic is effectively the old game codebase from the mid-2000s spruced up with a modern server architecture, front end and some graphical tweaks, you might expect the same thing to be happening here. It’s not quite the same, though.

As a player explained over on Reddit, it’s not the NPC’s that the problem, but rather that a particular item needed to run through the early game quests takes a few seconds to respawn every time a player picks one up.

Of course, this is exactly the kind of thing that Blizzard were referring to when asserting a few years ago that nobody really wanted a vanilla World of Warcraft experience. Over the years the game has been majorly updated, quest design streamlined, quality of life improvements made, and so on. That’s part of the charm though, and it seems as though hundreds of thousands of people have been hankering for the older, grindier game design. They could probably do without those server queues and wonkiest bits of quest design, though.

Source: YouTube, Reddit

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