The Shenmue III TGS trailer is a big mood

Shenmue III is getting closer and closer to its mid-November release, and Ys Net have prepared a nice new trailer for Tokyo Game Show. Instead of showing off loads of action, QTEs and fighting, this is all about setting the mood of the game, flying through various environments at night, day and in the pouring rain.


They’ve also released a Japanese voiced version of the ‘A Day in Shenmue’ Gamescom trailer, which many Japanese game purists might opt for instead.

We went hands on with the game at Gamescom, coming away… a little less than impressed. It’s certainly Shenmue, but doesn’t feel like it’s taken on board some of the ways that open world games have evolved since Shenmue helped to define what they could be. As I wrote at the time, “Shenmue III feels like the remastered fever dream of a Dreamcast fanboy,” but there is hope for the game yet, where it looks and feels like a more cohesive experience. “While much of the Shenmue world design and character will persist, the modern graphics engine and lighting does help pull the game’s look into a more modern era, and the kung fu fighting seems to get more complex and engaging.”

Where do you stand on Shenmue III? Are you eagerly awaiting its release and planning another play through the remasters of the first two games, or is this one game series revival too far?

Shenmue III will be out for PS4 and PC on 19th November.

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