Anthem now available with EA Access

If you’ve been sitting on the fence waiting to take a shot at Anthem, now might be a good time. The loot shooting role-playing game has just been added to the EA Access vault where subscribers can download and play the game in its entirety.


With its Cataclysm seasonal event drawing to a close, BioWare is no doubt keen to fill as many javelin suits as it can, especially with the cramped end-of-year gaming barrage upon us. Here’s the studio’s Cataclysm breakdown:

Now is the perfect time to join the fight. There are no level requirements in a Cataclysm, anyone at any level is welcome to enter. So even if this is your first time piloting a javelin, you can still face the storm, fight your way through the arenas, and earn both points and rewards. You’ll also collect Crystals (a new in-game currency for use during this Cataclysm) that can be used to purchase War Chests and vanity items at a special seasonal store.

Being introduced to the EA Access Vault comes at an interesting time for Anthem. It’s worth noting that potential rival Borderlands 3 has just launched and Destiny 2 is due another shot in the arm thanks to its upcoming Shadowkeep expansion and Stadia launch.

EA Access is currently available for Xbox One and PC, the service having also recently launched on PlayStation 4. It costs £3.99 a month or £19.99 a year, giving members full access to catalogue of past EA games as well as early trials and exclusive discounts.

Developed by BioWare – the creators of Mass Effect and Dragon Age – there were definitely high hopes for Anthem when it was first announced. EA was keen to replicate the success of Destiny and The Division with own take on the loot shooter genre and, despite some recent misfires, BioWare still has the chops to create compelling worlds and characters.

That said, Anthem has been fighting an uphill battle since its pre-release beta, followed by a rocky launch, and reports surrounding its troubled development. It scored a 6/10 in our review at launch.

Source: Official EA website

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  1. Been having a bit of a go on it this evening.

    It’s almost as if they told a computer “make a Destiny clone” and it spat out something completely adequate. Nothing more, just adequate. It looks quite nice, sounds reasonable, the voice acting is competent enough, and it’s overall not shit. It’s just lacking something.

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