John Wick Hex will be available in October

There’s finally confirmation regarding a release date for Mike Bithell and his co-developers’ title John Wick Hex, with players able to take on the role of the lethal assassin from October 8th via the Epic Games Store for PC and Mac. To mark the announcement of the release date a brand new trailer has been released which gives an insight into both the story and the gameplay.

It appears Winston and Charon have become guests of Hex though they aren’t there by choice, and it seems John is on the hunt to retrieve the two safely. The gameplay is all about choosing actions meaning everything has to be timed carefully, much like how Wick picks his actions during fight scenes. Movement, reloading, and finding ammo will all take time with each misstep possibly leading to John not fulfilling his mission.

Miguel got some hands on time with John Wick Hex, and wrote:

There’s a lot of thought and care put into John Wick Hex, when a spinoff for the film series could have very easily just been a quick Unreal Engine action shooter rush-job. Mike Bithell has taken his talents for sharp game-design and unique ideas and applied them to an iconic franchise for an unforgettable combo. John Wick Hex is sleek, simple, and super addictive. My time with the brief hands-on demo was already a blast, so I can’t wait to see what the full game has in store.

You can read the full preview here. If you happen to be attending New York Comic Con then you may catch a panel Mike Bithell will be hosting on October 5th in which he and other team members will discuss how the series made the jump from movies and into games.

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