John Wick Hex is coming to PlayStation 4 in May

Indie darling Mike Bithell’s latest game, John Wick Hex, is bringing its stylised take on the frenzied action of the Keanu Reeves films to PlayStation 4 on 5th May.


A prequel to the film series – I mean, it’s not like there’s many places they could squeeze the game’s story between the three films – it sees John on the trail of the eponymous Hex, who has taken Winston and Charon hostage. Those two are rather familiar characters from the films, and Ian McShane and Lance Reddick returned to fill their respective roles, opposite a Hex played by Troy Baker.

The game arrived for PC last October, sporting a unique form of turn-based action, giving you the time to think through your actions and how John Wick might tackle the rooms filled with enemies coming for him, with each move you make taking a certain amount of time to play out. In that way, it’s a puzzle game of sorts, as you have to weigh up different actions and the time they’ll take against those of enemies.

Unfortunately, it maybe didn’t quite sustain itself all the way through, with the story playing out with John almost in the periphery. Still, the action was top notch, so long as you’re up for a challenge. Check out our John Wick Hex review, where Miguel said:

“John Wick Hex is the last form you might expect a John Wick game to take, but this unique, inventive puzzler kept my mind racing from beginning to end. While the gameplay and interesting story shed light on some important aspects of the film franchise, the sometimes punishing difficulty and surprising lack of focus on John Wick himself left me a little disappointed. This isn’t a perfect video game adaptation of a film, but it’s certainly the most original one I’ve ever played.”

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  1. Like the look of it. I’ll give it a whirl as the JW trilogy is awesome. We’ll worth a punt…

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