John Wick Hex comes to Xbox consoles, Steam, and Switch in December

Bithell Games’ tactical take on the John Wick franchise John Wick Hex will be coming to  Steam, Switch, and Xbox consoles on December 4th. For Xbox it is coming natively to Xbox One and should be playable on Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility. This release of John Wick Hex will be available both digitally and physically, so if you want to have this sitting on your shelf then you can.

John Wick Hex was first released for PC in October 2019 via the Epic Games Store, and then it came to PS4 in May this year. At the time of the original PC release we spoke to Mike Bithell about John Wick Hex. One of the highlights of that interview is when he stated how John Wick Hex fit into the John Wick universe. He said:

So, we’re a prequel. We take place before and we’re telling a story from before John left for the first time. We’re telling a legend from the backstory, the main reason being that if you look at the three movies, there’s not a gap to do a video game in. The first movie to the second movie is just him finding out where his car is, which isn’t much of a video game, and obviously the second to third movie, it just immediately carries on.

In our review for John Wick Hex, Miguel wrote:

John Wick Hex is the last form you might expect a John Wick game to take, but this unique, inventive puzzler kept my mind racing from beginning to end. While the gameplay and interesting story shed light on some important aspects of the film franchise, the sometimes punishing difficulty and surprising lack of focus on John Wick himself left me a little disappointed. This isn’t a perfect video game adaptation of a film, but it’s certainly the most original one I’ve ever played.
You can read the full John Wick Hex review here.
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