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Pacer’s latest track has been revealed and it is called Ajura

R8 Games has revealed a brand new track for its upcoming anti-gravity racer Pacer, and this one is called Ajura. Going by the brief trailer you can see it is set in Australia and has players pilot their racers through canyons which in turn allow for some sharp turns, and major track changes. Ajura is the 14th track to be confirmed for Pacer and has been described as having a unique vibe compared to the rest of the locations.

Ajura will be a track that features both day and night settings, as well as mirror and reverse modes. At launch Pacer will have a total of 14 tracks as well as five craft that can be customised. Stefan previewed Pacer not too long ago and wrote:

It seems quite remarkable in some ways just how far R8 are pushing. There’s new music from Cold Storage, a new single player campaign based around ten in-game teams, new AI that has elements of machine learning built into it, hosted online servers with a tournament mode, ranked multiplayer and spectator cameras.

You can read the full Pacer preview here. When Pacer launches it will run at 60fps with 4K support on PS4 Pro, PC and Xbox One X. Pacer is set to be released this winter.

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