Fortnite update 10.40 will include improved matchmaking and bots

Epic Games has announced a couple of the major changes that will be coming to Fortnite via update 10.40. Epic has stated that since Battle Royale was added the matchmaking code has been pretty much the same, but that will be changing soon due to the change in player skill levels. As 10.40 rolls out players will be matched to those with similar skill levels in an attempt to make things a bit more competitive, reducing instances where a couple of players dominate matches completely. This will be rolled out gradually region by region.

The second major update in 10.40 will be the addition of bots to multiplayer matches. They’ll follow behaviour patterns similar to real players to allow people to test their skills. The bots will be part of the skill level changes with the better-skilled players facing fewer of them in matches. Bots will not be present in the competitive playlists.


Recently a Batman crossover with Fortnite was released, celebrating 80 years since the Caped Crusader first made his appearance. Speaking of Batman we’re expecting a reveal of the next Batman game from Warner Bros Montreal, which developed Batman: Arkham Origins. The signs point to Batman facing off against the Court of Owls and possibly Ra’s al Ghul.

Source: Epic Games

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