Get a walkthrough the Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Gamescom demo

CI Games are building up to the release of their latest snipe fest, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts in just a couple of month, and so they’ve dusted off the Gamescom demo from last month and put together a new narrated walkthrough trailer for the game.


The demo is set around Kolchak Harbor, one of the five regions in the game, each of which has an open world design and plenty of things to do. The game introduces a Dynamic Reticule System, giving you more of the ballistic and atmospheric details so that you can line up your shots, as the game aims to be the best sniping game around. The demo also shows off some of the tech tools at your disposal, such as Scout Drones and the Augmented Reality Mask.

Last time out, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 saw CI Games tackle a more open world setting for the first time. In our review, Aran said that “Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 has the sniping down to a tee, which should be expected with the number of years CI has been working on the series,” but criticised the game for its by-the-numbers story, unlikeable protagonist, and generally rough around the edges presentation with bugs and excessive load times. Here’s hoping that, a couple years later, CI Games can put all of that experience into a more polished and well-rounded product.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is out for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 22nd November.

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