Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts trailer shows some new footage

CI Games has released a brand new trailer for Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, and this one delves a little into some new elements players will be experiencing, as well as the content of the game itself. First off there will be five large scale maps with 25 contracts spread out across them. To get these targets players will have a number of pistols, assault rifles, and, of course, sniper rifles.


When it comes to using snipers players will have to take into account wind direction, elevation, and bullet drop before firing off a shot. As you can see in the trailer those shots can quite easily remove limbs. The contracts won’t be as simple as staying in one place and observing from a distance. Intel will have to be gathered by interrogating enemy soldiers and looking for clues in the environment itself which means sneaking into guarded areas.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is scheduled to be released on November 22nd for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: YouTube

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