Call of Duty: Mobile is out now for iOS and Android

Hoping to crack the mobile market once and for all, Call of Duty: Mobile is out now for iOS and Android. It brings together many of the highlights of the series, from Modern Warfare to Black Ops, from Team Deathmatch to Blackout Battle Royale, all a part of a new free-to-play game.


Here’s some download links for your respective platforms:

The game is a real attempt to grab some of the marketshare that’s been captured by PUBG and Fortnite around the world. Developed by TiMi Studios, a part of Tencent Games, and released in all countries and regions except mainland China, Vietnam and Belgium, it has a good shot at doing so, especially with the inclusion of the Battle Royale game mode.

“Our aim from the beginning has been to set a new standard for mobile multiplayer action games by combining Call of Duty’s signature gameplay, content and presentation quality with best-in-class development and live service expertise,” said Chris Plummer, VP, Mobile at Activision. He continued, “Throughout focused and regional tests, the fan response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Many fine touches and polish items came directly from player feedback. Today we’re starting with a robust suite of multiplayer modes, our original Battle Royale experience and a host of special events, but there’s a ton of more content on the way. Launch is only just the start.”

Source: press release

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