Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 The Forge has begun, adds Highrise map and Juggernaut mode

Activision has announced that Call of Duty: Mobile’s season 8 has begun, and this season is called The Forge. The key additions in this season are the Highrise map in mutliplayer, a new Safehouse zone in Battle Royale, and the Juggernaut mode. The Juggernaut mode has had a slight modification in that one player is now equipped with the XS1 Goliath suit. Other than that it is a 5v1 mode, where the team of five will have to try and take down the player in the Goliath suit.


In terms of the Battle Pass, at the free tiers players can unlock the DR-H assault rifle, Desperate Measures camo, and  Rare Rus 79u – Desperate Measures. Meanwhile, Premium Pass players will be able to get the Epic Chained Camo DR-H, Epic Reaper skin for Krueger, an animated Hot Metal calling card, an animated Chained Frame avatar frame, KN-44 Living Rust Epic camo, and the Wrecker skin for Tank Dempsey.

There are also new perks up for grabs and those are the Shrapnel and Quick Fix perks. Shrapnel will let you double the amount of lethal equipment in your loadout, while Quick Fix starts health regeneration after getting kills instantly. There are two weapon challenges as well and those will allow players to unlock the base HBRa3 assault rifle and the KRM-262 Shotgun. Additionally, a new operator skill called Katana will be unlockable as well, and this skill will allow players to instant kill with a blade. There will be an event where this skill can be unlocked.

Season 8 will also host two events. The first event is called Solstice Awakened and in this event players will have to face off on Highrise in Juggernaut mode to get some rewards. The second event is Day of Summer which will include water-themed weapons. Event start dates are to be confirmed.

Source: Activision

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