What We Played #419 – Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Ghost Reckon Breakpoint & Borderlands 3

Another busy little week is in the bag, and we’re shuffling ever closer to *whisper it* Christmas. Maybe there’s something you’ve already seen that you’re hoping is going to appear under a festive tree – that’ll be Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, please – or maybe you’ve got one of those families where they insist on giving you surprises. As long as it’s not another reindeer jumper, I’m sure it’ll all be fine.

I’ve been playing more Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and continue to think it’s the best thing since Monster Hunter World. I’ve also written about Grid Autosport on the Switch and the Planet Zoo beta which were both plenty of fun. Besides that, I’m getting into Concrete Genie for review next week and hoping that my beer festival-induced hangover goes away.

Aran feels a bit more chipper than I do and has been playing the travel story game Wanderlust for review, “which is good fun and has led me to downloading a number of holiday planning apps to plan my own getaways.” On the other side of things, he’s been getting stuck into Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, finding it has a very different atmosphere to Wildlands. It’s got a pretty different atmosphere when he’s playing co-op with Jim as well, who’s a bit more gung ho. “He jumped off a crane as it was quicker than climbing down a ladder. In the game, not in reality.”

“Gung Ho Jim” has been dabbling with his PSVR again with Ghost Giant, Battlewake, Witching Tower, and some Firewall: Zero Hour, which he says is still bloody great. He’s also stuck with Silent Hill, putting in twenty minutes here and there while tangling with some of its admittedly obtuse puzzles. “Really enjoying it though and hope to have it finished in time for Halloween”. Then there’s the aforementioned Breakpoint. “It’s a behemoth of a game that has that unmistakable Ubisoft air about it. So far, I’m enjoying it way more than I did Wildlands. The open world is dense, character customisation is worthwhile, and it encourages you to explore its archipelago instead of brainlessly following map markers.”

Jason has finished off Borderlands 3 again, but this time with a friend. “I’ve never felt more strongly that my review was spot on than I do about Borderlands. I’ve also been playing some more MtG Arena which is very good and I get to do stupid things with the cards.” Nick P has been doing Horde on Gears 5, playing as Batista – “Every now and then he will shout ‘Give me what I want!’ which is hilarious”. He’s also still playing Borderlands 3 and has picked up the DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 which gives you a lot of new content including the Marvel Knights characters.

Ade has been playing Castle Crashers Remastered with his better half, saying “it’s still the same old stupid turn your brain off beat ’em up fun that I remember from all those years ago. He’s also keeping on with The Executioner for review, which is a game that he says makes him feel dirty, “and not in a good way.”

For Tuffcub it’s all been about playing Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, “I fear for anyone joining the game at this late a stage it’s so bloody complicated now. Liking the story so far though”. He’s also been playing Sekiro – yes, really – which is “rather good”. He’s also bashed out a bit more Habroxia, Wreckfest, and COD:MW remastered. “Which is totes bosh” as the kids say.

Steve has been deep in Indivisible for review next week. “It’s fab but packs so many genres in that it’s dizzying. They work really well together but it can be disorienting switching from Metroidvania to JRPG combat”. He’s also slowly working his way through Final Fantasy X on Vita, “which is the perfect format for it.”

Miguel has been blowing things up in Gundam Battle Operation 2 which launched on the US PSN and is, to quote him, “freaking OBSESSED”. He goes on, “It’s a competitive 5v5 Gundam shooter with dozens of playable mobile suits and customization, and it’s so, so, so good. I never thought I could like a Gundam game more than the Gundam Versus series, but here we are”. He also started playing AI: The Somnium FIles with a friend, and is going to try and finish that off soon so he can return to Astral Chain. “I also played Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid and it’s fun, but kind of overwhelming. Did a little co-op Borderlands 3 too, and man does that game run bad on splitscreen PS4 co-op.”

Finally, Tef has been playing a different game with ‘grid’ in the title: GRID. The new one, but only for a few brief hours so far. The majority of his gaming this week has been spent with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, which has managed to draw him back in with the lure of nostalgic fun times on the Moon.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. The usual VR things and plenty of Plants vs Zombies: Still Calling it Garden Warfare 3.

    Disgaea 1 from the recent sale sent me off down an entertainingly distracting route. Spent too long in the item worlds to upgrade stuff and neglecting the main story. So I’m probably overpowered now. Which is kind of the point of a Disgaea game, really.

    Another sale tempted me with Far Cry New Dawn, which is as fun as you’d expect from a Far Cry game. Probably should have been DLC for FC5. Spent ages doing all the outposts 3 times each for a trophy and lots of resources to upgrade the main settlement. Probably made the rest of the story too easy with the most powerful weapons now.

    And while I was going to pick up God of War for cheap (at the new low price), that went wrong when they put it on PS Now. So I’ve been giving that a go. It’s a good game, looks nice and sounds great (that Bear McCreary music helps), but something seems off. It’s not quite right for a God of War game. It’s also a shame that killing kids is kind of frowned on in games. I’ve tried, but it doesn’t work. He’s just annoying.

  2. Just Fifa 20 Fut this week for me :)
    Might play Ghost Recon tonight if not then tomorrow night xD lol

  3. More NMS VR but i also decided it was high time i got around to a second playthrough of Detroit : Become Human. I went full wreckless with Marcus this time so i got the ‘dirty’ ending and poor Kara and her charge ended up at the camp, that was quite a harrowing scene.
    Next up i think a second playthrough of Uncharted 4 is in order and with Halloween on the way i’m deliberating between another playthrough of TLoU or returning to Bloodborne and making an effort to complete the last quarter/fifth of the game.

  4. Still drowned in the depths of Subnautica, I love this game.

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