What We Played #422 Death Stranding, Luigi’s Mansion 3 & The Outer Worlds

It’s already a week since the joy of EGX – it really was a joy being any where other than Birmingham’s NEC – and we’re now just heavily into release season for all the games ever. There’s a deluge of reviews in the works, and for me that includes Mario & Sonic at the Olympics which is both Mario-y and Sonic-y. Besides that I’ve been trying out Overwatch on the Switch, Untitled Goose Game and returned to the Wipeout Omega Collection and Redout after going hands-on with upcoming anti-grav racer Pacer.

Tuffcub has played and finished Death Stranding and it is [REDACTED]. Miguel meanwhile has spent this week continuing to to play his “daily government mandated hours” of Gundam Battle Operation 2. “Glory to Zeon and soul of Shangri-la etc etc.!” He also started playing Atelier Ryza on the Switch for review, along with some Smash Bros. and Super Mario Party with a bunch of drunk underclassmen during a trip back to his college. “It was a very interesting experience.”

Aran has been westernising it up with RDR2. “I’m slowly making my way through the challenges at the moment”. Jason has been playing Terraria, Minecraft, Roblox, and Borderlands 3 despite his not enjoying it because “life is weird”.

Reuben has been aiming for some spooky gaming this week; “I’ve made a half-assed attempt at getting into the Hallowe’en mood by continuing to plug away in the spooky hotel of Luigi’s Mansion 3, as well as taking time out of my busy raiding schedule in Final Fantasy XIV Online by completing the All Saint’s Wake 2019 seasonal event. I just wanted that dumb Hallowe’en Ahriman.”

Nick P got the Platinum on Borderlands 3. “I’m now just legendary farming for anointed gear in prep for the next event. I also played and finished Sayonara Wild Hearts which is just wonderful. My friend kindly lent me a VR headset so I’ve also been smashing Beat Saber. I’m in love.”

Nick B meanwhile has relaxed back into Magic Arena after EGX, but there was plenty there that he liked  “I found some gems at the show, including Not Tonight, the post-Brexit dystopia styled after Papers Please, and SNOW, a sci-fi marvel set just outside of Oslo that looks phenomenonal for just a year’s work. Definitely a game to keep an eye on, with a loosely penciled in release date of some time in 2021.”

Jim’s got a few games on rotation right now including Stranded Sails, Resident Evil 5, and Concrete Genie. “I also polished off MediEvil on PS4 this week and will be dipping back in to grab that (rather attainable) platinum trophy.”

Gamoc has played The Outer Worlds for review, “which is rather good”, some Borderlands 3, and even some Uncharted 4, saying “It’s so pretty!” Steve has played a bunch of Valfaris, some Stygian and Song of Horror, all for review. “I also played the terrible CrashDummy platformer on PS4 for reasons (it was 60p and had some good reviews) and ended up playing an inexplicable amount of Horizon Chase Turbo which is the first driving game to appeal to me (outside of karts) since Lotus Esprit on the Amiga!”

Finally, Tef has played Semblance while on planes, “which is weird and wonderful squishy puzzling (but a little bit wonky at times)”, along with a tiny amount of Destiny 2, and some Surviving the Aftermath, “which shows promise, but has a long way to go.”

Go on then, what have you played?

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  1. Finished of God of War. Overall, not too bad, just not really a God of War game. Couldn’t be bothered to go and find all the things I’ve missed, because that would involve that stupid “fast” travel thing where you go through a magic door and run around in a circle for the best part of a minute. Just get on with loading it. I can use that minute to drink some coffee, or even quickly nip off to make room for more coffee.

    Hitman 2, on the other hand, is much more impressive. Got 1 more mission to do. And then do them all again, many times.

    The halloween sale tempted me with Little Nightmares, partly because a small child can die repeatedly, unlike that little shit in God of War. Quite enjoying it, apart from the bits where you die repeatedly and it takes ages to reload.

    And the VR fun this week was a bit of Firewall (the halloween spiders can fuck right off!), some Honor & Duty (they’ve promised a halloween update without any spiders), and a bit of Tetris Effect, which completely failed me as a way to be distracted for 5 minutes (one hour later…)

    Oh, and Plants vs Zombies again.

  2. I’ve been playing Bioshock Infinite and while the world is wonderfully realised and filled with detail, the gameplay loop becomes very apparent after a while. Make your way through a location, looting everything you can until you reach a deadend, then turn around and fight your way back out again. After 6 hours of that i jumped into the DLC, which seemed a bit fresher initially but after a few hours i’m seeing the same loop again. And with the DLC, 80% of the crates/barrels/bodies you loot are completely empty, which makes looting tiresome.

    I was hoping to be jumping into The Outer Worlds this eve but my local retailer was out of stock already this morning. They said they’ll have a delivery tomorrow so i reserved a copy but looking on their website afterwards it says they’ll be restocked 30th October.. so i might have to play more Bioshock this weekend.. :/

    • Just got a txt re my reservation -ready to collect – Yass!

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