Want to get rowdy? Gonna get a little unruly? Dirt Rally 2.0 has a free trial

Want to get dirty? It’s about time for a free trial of Codemasters Dirt Rally 2.0 which is available right now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Trial version gives you access to ten cars across two disciplines, Rally and Rallycross, and if you have no idea what that means Codemasters have explained the difference.

Rallying is a form of motorsport where drivers compete against the clock to complete courses in the fastest time possible. In the Trial Version you’ll showcase your skill and bravery on a wide range of road surfaces, from the smooth gravel of New Zealand and asphalt of Spain. Classic rally cars such as the MINI Cooper S, DS21 and the Lancia Fulvia HF will be at your disposal. Your co-driver will instruct you on the turns and obstacles ahead, warning you of challenges that may not be visible when driving at high speed.
Rallycross is a fast and exciting form of racing where powerful off-road vehicles battle each other on tight, twisty circuits. FIA World Rallycross Championship events take place on many famous circuits around the world, and in the Trial Version you’ll be taking on Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain. Get behind the wheel of cars from Volkswagen, Audi, Peugeot, Renault, Ford and SUBARU and sample the most intensive off-road racing in the world.

If you fancy buying the full game after the demo you you can unlock it from within the trial itself. We gave the game a stonking 9/10 in our review.


“Just as Codemaster’s competitors were starting to creep towards the digital rallying crown, Dirt Rally 2.0 puts them firmly back in the rear-view mirror,” said Dom. “Utterly convincing, enthralling and punishing, Dirt Rally 2 is an exquisite racing sim.”

The game supports VR on PC but “There are no plans to add PlayStation VR support to DiRT Rally 2.0.” say Codemasters. Boo to them, a boo!

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  1. “There are no plans to add PlayStation VR support to DiRT Rally 2.0.” Boooooooo!

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