Reverse horror game Carrion comes to Xbox One and PC in 2020

The reverse horror of Carrion is coming to Xbox One and PC in 2020, Devolver Digital and Phobia Game Studio have announced today. Previously for “consoles and PC” when the game was first revealed at E3 2019, they’ve now narrowed the console side of things down to Microsoft’s lean green machine*.


Looking like classic 80s horror film The Thing played out in reverse, you play as an amorphous blob and tentacle monster of unknown origin that manages to break out of confinement in a shady facility. You tear the place apart, hunting and consuming the humans that you come across, spreading fear and panic as you go. You’ll grow and evolve as you progress, but you’ll also have to face increasingly difficult humans that try to defend themselves and turn the tables on your with flamethrowers and more.

Seriously, it sounds fab. You’ll be able to go hands on with it this week, if you head to XO19 in London, which is running from Thursday 14th to Saturday 16th November.

It’s a shame that it’s restricted to Xbox One and PC, but hopefully we’ll see it shoot out some gruesome tentacles to consume PlayStation 4 and Switch in due course.

*Actual colours are white or black as standard. Leanness requires Xbox One S or X.

Source: press release

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