Only a third of Modern Warfare players have beaten the campaign

It’s been almost a month since Infinity Ward launched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the latest AAA shooter in Activision’s power selling franchise.

Even back when the original Modern Warfare broke onto the scene back in 2008, there were reports that many who owned a copy of the game dove straight into the multiplayer without completing (or sometimes even touching) the campaign.


According to stats mined from this year’s gritty reboot, only a third of players managed to beat its cinematic singleplayer portion with a much smaller percentage having cleared it on the game’s toughest difficulty settings.

The latest PlayStation trophy data for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reveals that 33.1% of all players had earned the “Tea Time” trophy awarded at the end of the campaign while 2.4% had earned the “Out of the Fire” gold trophy which pops after you’ve beat the game on either Veteran or Realism difficulty.

There are limitations to exactly how accurate that figure is though it’s a solid indicator to go by. Those who haven’t got an internet connection won’t be able to register their PS4 trophy information though this group of players would be a very small minority.

Of course we have to take into account those who picked the game up on other systems including the Xbox One and PC (neither offering comprehensive achievement data) though it seems unlikely player habits would drastically differ between platforms.

Taking a closer look at the trophy stats harvested there were a few other interesting observations. 0.8% of those who have played the game successfully bagged Modern Warfare’s “Tier One” platinum trophy.

This year’s Call of Duty has a notably simpler pool of trophies to unlock with none of them being tied to modes outside the singleplayer campaign.

The two rarest trophies (bar the platinum) are “Clean House” and “We Own the Night”, at 1.2% and 1.1% respectively. Both involve completing a level under very specific conditions and some users have reported them as being bugged.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning Call of Duty secondary trophy list. It only contains one trophy and that’s tied to the Special Ops co-op mode. Only 0.3% of players unlocked the “Liberation” bronze trophy which require you to complete all of the Spec Ops missions available. Almost three times that number have earned the platinum, underlining that the mode’s reinvention really isn’t all that popular.

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  1. How does that compare to the previous game though? Looks like the single player campaign this time is vastly more popular ;)

    And that number is eventually going to be higher, surely? 4 weeks after release, and lots of people are still buying it. Add those new players who haven’t finished the campaign because they’ve only just started, and the percentage will drop rapidly. Give it a few months to get a meaningful number, and it’ll be 40-50%.

    Which is a handy number should Activision ever want to justify not putting a single player campaign in a future game. And also a useful number for anyone who wants to point out that they’d be stupid not to.

    • Roughly the same number beat World War II’s campaign (32%).

      I’d guess the MW completion stat would go down if there were any movement. As the price goes down there will be a lot of people picking it up who were on the fence. People who aren’t among the traditional fanbase who are less likely to complete the campaign.

      33% isn’t a number to sniff at. I really enjoyed MW’s campaign but it’s always interesting to see how many people pick up CoD games just for the online multiplayer.

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