Samsung hint they are responsible for PlayStation 5’s incredibly fast loading speed

Samsung have hinted strongly that they are responsible for PlayStation 5’s rather incredible loading speed. During the recent Samsung SSD forum in Tokyo the company announced a new NVMe SSD, or Non-Volatile Memory Express Solid State Drive, which they said will be an integral component on a new game console released in 2020. Just to add fuel o the fire, a slide during their presentation included a PlayStation DualShock controller.


The drive is said to boast bandwidth higher than any drive which is currently available to PC owners with Samsung claiming that Monster Hunter, that currently takes 38 seconds to load on a console, will launch in less than 13 seconds on the new NVMe SSD.

Although some details for the PlayStation 5 have been revealed we are still awaiting the full unveiling and expect that to happen around March 2020. Final Fantasy XIV and Crash Bandicoot are rumoured to be launching on the console, but we know for definite that Watch Dogs Legion, Gods and Monsters, Rainbow Six Quarantine, Dying Light 2, Monstrum II, and a NBA game from EA will be coming to PS5.

We have also seen patents for PSVR2, an AI assistant, an emoji creating face scanner, and a good look at the development kit.

The PlayStation 5 specs include:

  • Eight core third generation AMD Ryzen at 7nm
  • Semi-custom Radeon Navi GPU
  • SSD hard drive
  • Ray traced graphics and audio
  • 8K video output
  • 3D audio
  • Backward compatibility

You can read our thoughts on those here. 

A few days ago there were reports of the price and release date of the PlayStation 5 leaking. The release date was said to be November 2020 with a price of $499, with a 2TB SSD and Gran Turismo 7 as a launch game. However, the source for all these rumours is 4Chan so they’re almost certainly a load of old tosh, albeit very obvious guesses.

Source: VGC

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  1. Polyphony only ever manages to launch a Gran Turismo game about 5+ years into a console generation, so these rumours are clearly rubbish.

    • They launched Grand Turismo 6 just 1 whole week into the PS4 generation.

      Ok, so that was a PS3 game, but that’s not what you were claiming.

      So we can expect GT7 launching as a PS4 game about a week after the PS5 launches then? With a PS5 update coming for it whenever he feels like it? And even then, it’ll only apply to single player races against 1 car and you’ll be forced to watch some YouTube videos before you’re allowed to play it.

  2. I’m certainly looking forward to the very reduced load times after playing NFS Heat.
    GT7 is top of my wishlist for a PS5 launch title but I’ll believe it when I see it.

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