What We Played #427 Death Stranding, Darksiders Genesis & Pokémon

It’s Black Friday, which for our UK readers probably means they’ve clicked a few too many times on Amazon, while our US readers may have sat out all night in a queue and fought their way through a horde of angry parents to get to the last Elsa doll. Look, I don’t make the rules (and my understanding of Black Friday is mainly based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Jingle All The Way).

I haven’t bought anything, since I think Black Friday is a swizz, and will hang onto that while I watch all of my friends show off their new gear on Twitter this weekend. I haven’t really done much at all in fact, thanks to a horrendous bout of flu (103 degree temperatures for the win), but I did manage to play some Darksiders Genesis last night as I improved, but I can’t tell you anything about it until next week. Other than that, I did play more on my Stadia, and still think it’s pretty cool, though it’s also now my Assassin’s Creed Odyssey machine so I expect I’ll be playing it for another 100 hours at least.

Nick P has unsurprisingly been playing more Death Stranding, logging 120 hours as a post-apocalyptic postie. Just think of the overtime this Christmas Nick. Steve meanwhile has been playing the esoteric Call of Duty: Advanced Essay Marking. In terms of actual games it’s been just a bit of Shadow of the Colossus and the “really interesting but unnecessary” port of Simulacra on PS4.

Aran has nearly ridden all the horsies and killed all the bad guys in Red Dead Redemption 2; “on the final epilogue now – yesterday I spent a lot of my time just riding around Blackwater and the desert which brought back memories of RDR1. Also smashed out essay drafts so I can relax a bit now.” In another unsurprising turn-up for the books, Tuffcub has played Destiny 2, though I forgot that I’d played that too. On Stadia.

Gareth has been playing Golem and Last Labyrinth for review. “The latter is a puzzle game where you use a laser pen attached to your head to instruct a young Japanese girl whilst solving puzzles and, if you fail, you get to watch her die horrifically in a saw-type trap and then die horrifically yourself. It’s an odd experience”. Other than those he’s been played the beginning of Metro Exodus, Uncharted Lost Legacy, and God of War.

Nick B is playing Pokémon! “My preorder arrived about 4 days late so I’m trying to plough through and make up for lost time.” Jason or “JC” as he prefers to be called at this time of year, has also been playing a lot of VR this week. “In Death is an excellent archery roguelike. Pistol Whip is an on the rails fps that has excellent music and is surprisingly challenging from a physical standpoint. I’ve also been continuing on with Pokemon, which is a lot of fun despite its flaws.”

Ade brings a further tale of woe after reviewing Blacksad: Under the Skin; “It was patched on Wednesday, so I, naïve, hopeful and young person that I am loaded the game up again to check if the technical issues raised in my recent review had been resolved. Good news: Some have! Bad news: There’s some brand new bugs! Blacksad must now be half cat and half tube of superglue as he gets stuck to random objects in the scenery and cannot extricate himself from his embarrassing predicament. This leads to a lengthy reload and a toss of the coin as the whether Blacksad will be free, on one occasion he was still stuck to the gym doors and only a full game reload could set him free! I’ve also been dabbling with Story of a Gladiator for review, it’s proving to be a very entertaining 2D arena brawler. I just punched a Tiger. A TIGER!!!” Well, at least he’s happy.

Jim has put Shenmue III on the backburner for now. “Looking for something a bit more fast paced, I dove into Beat Saber’s new Rocket League tracks which are mint. Also picked up Audica (from the team that created Guitar Hero/Rock Band) which is fun though I’ll need to practice. Also, after coming away from Jedi: Fallen, I went back to Star Wars Battlefront II. Honestly, I think it’s my favourite DICE game and if it wasn’t for the loot box fiasco at launch more people would hail it as one of the multiplayer titles of this gen.”

Miguel has spent this week continuing to pour steady time into Death Stranding and Pokemon Sword; “I love them both, but definitely underestimated how long I’d be playing them for considering I’m not really trying to rush through either. Was hoping to play a few other games soon but it might just be mainly these two till the new year.”

Reuben has been (unsuccessfully) trying to share his time between Pokémon Sword, Final Fantasy XIV, and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle ver. 2. “Pokémon Sword is a thoroughly enjoyable, if very flawed and occasionally frustrating romp. FFXIV is, well, FFXIV. BlazBlue however is a fantastic experience with great new features and a shiny new aesthetic. Just annoyed that it has taken this long for the game to be as good as it could have been a year ago.”

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