A new State of Play broadcast is scheduled for next week, new games to be revealed

Sony have announced the last State of Play broadcast of the year, a bit of a surprise as by the start of December game companies are winding down for Christmas.

The broadcast will  air on Tuesday, December 10 at 6:00am Pacific Time / 9:00am Eastern Time which translates to a very pleasant 2pm in the afternoon for those of us in Blighty.


“We’ve got around 20 minutes of new game reveals, release date announcements, new gameplay footage, PlayStation Worldwide Studios updates, and more,” said Sid Shuman, Senior Director, SIE Content Communications. “It probably bears repeating: Don’t expect any updates related to our next-gen plans in this episode,” he added.

You can watch live on TwitchYouTubeTwitter, and Facebook, as usual.

The last State of Play featured The Last of Us Part II which was unfortunately delayed just a few days after they announced the release date.

As to what Sony will announce, well that’s a little hard to predict. With Dreams coming out of early access and a rumoured release date of early next year there is a good chance Sony may officially announce when the game creation tool will be available to everyone.

They won’t be revealing anything huge, it’s the wrong time of year, but perhaps a remaster of some sort. Bluepoint have been beavering away on something for quite a while now, rumoured to be a Dark Souls remaster, so perhaps we will see that.

There will almost certainly be a couple of indie games and something new for PlayStation VR. As for ‘game updates’ it seems unlikely Ghosts of Tsushima will feature, Sony have been very quiet about that title so when it does finally surface they are going to want to make a big fuss, a State of Play in December is not the place.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. At last a broadcast from Sony that’s at a sensible time for us.

    I normally watch these on a tablet but I’m wondering if you can watch on the PS4 without using the Web browser?

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