Naraka: Bladepoint, Bravely Default II, and The Wolf Among Us Season 2 announced

A trio of smaller game reveals for your pleasure, all of them taken from last night’s Game Awards starting with Naraka: Bladepoint from Chinese studio 24 Entertainment. Described as “eastern influences meet western-style” game it includes combat, parkour, and a grappling hook, and it will launch in March 2020 on PS4 as a timed exclusive, other platforms will follow.


Next up is Bravely Default 2 for Switch, confusingly the third game in the series. The trailer is very brief but looks very lovely and the game will be out next year.

Finally, The Wolf Among Us Season 2 has be resurrected by Telltale, who themselves were resurrected when LCG Entertainment bought a lot of the companies assets and IPs.

Bigby and Snow are returning to untangle more mysteries in the much-anticipated sequel to one of Telltale’s most beloved games, The Wolf Among Us. Award-winning voice actors Adam Harrington and Erin Yvette are back to breathe life into the main characters (Bigby and Snow). The lead writer, creative/game directors, and composer of the original game are back for another trip into the dark universe of Vertigo’s Fables graphic novels in The Wolf Among Us 2.

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