Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil has been taken out of PES in China for speaking out against internment camps

Who’d have thought a comment would upset China so much? A few days back Mesut Ozil spoke out against the internment camps China has where it is holding Uyghur Muslims prisoner to “re-educate” them. There are fears China is engaging in gross violations of human rights including the murder of these people. Enter Arsenal player Mesut Ozil who spoke out against the treatment which has upset China and Chinese football fans.

As a result of Ozil’s actions the Manchester City vs Arsenal match was removed from the Chinese TV schedule, the Chinese foreign office said Ozil was confused and had been taken in by “fake news”, and now video game publisher NetEase, responsible for the majority of game publishing in China, has removed Mesut Ozil from all versions of Pro Evolution Soccer in China. According to the Standard NetEase released a statement and said the footballer’s actions had:


“hurt the feelings of Chinese fans and violated the sport’s spirit of love and peace. We do not understand, accept or forgive this!”

Ironic that a Chinese speaks about love and peace when the Hong Kong protests continue, and people are being rounded up and put into camps. This move is also insidious on China’s part. It is an attempt by the country to silence all of its critics globally using its economic power to make companies and individuals kowtow to its demands. It’s not the only country which engages in such behaviour, such is the nature of geopolitics, but China is incredibly overt in doing so.

Source: Evening Standard

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  1. Is there a way to see a list of gaming companies that are kowtowing to China so I can avoid supporting them?

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