Borderlands 3 hotfix addresses issues like Terror not dropping loot

Gearbox Software is releasing a hotfix for Borderlands 3 today to address reports sent in by players. These fixes look to fix issues such as the Maliwan Deathspheres being too powerful and hard to hit, Terror not dropping loot, loot disappearing through the floor, and progress being halted in the Porta Prison mission where enemy spawns would be delayed or not trigger.

The hotfix patch notes are below:

  • Decreased the shields and armor on Maliwan Deathspheres in the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite

The recent patch improved the navigation of the Deathspheres in the Takedown. As a result, these enemies have become much more difficult to track and hit. To balance this change, we are lowering their armor and shield values.

  • Addressed a reported concern that Terror was sometimes not dropping his loot when re-running Agonizer 9000
  • Addressed a reported concern where loot could sometimes fall through the floor surrounding the Agonizer 9000
  • Addressed a perceived progression blocker where enemies would sometimes not spawn immediately for the objective “Kill Traitors” in the mission “Porta Prison”
  • Addressed a reported concern that Zane’s “Trick of the Light” skill was sometimes reporting lower bonus damage values in its description than what it was awarding
  • Addressed a reported concern that Moze’s “Desperate Measures” skill sometimes wasn’t awarding the damage bonus to Iron Bear’s Right Gun

That’s not all as Gearbox has also confirmed it is changing the matchmaking system in Takedown, with the game not starting until a full party of four players has been confirmed. This change will be monitored and if it proves to be the wrong move then the studio will adjust accordingly. This change won’t apply from Tuesday, December 31 to Monday, January 16 when the event will be changed to balance in relation to the number of players that are in the party.

Source: Gearbox Software

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