Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 teases continue with new story cinematic

Ubisoft continues to tease its plans for Rainbow Six Siege in 2020, having released a new video ahead of the game’s massive Year 5 reveal next February.

The two-minute cartoon animation focuses on the game’s pair of new playable Operators, Kali and Wamai, who were both introduced in the recent Year 4 Season 4 content update, dubbed “Operation: Shifting Tides”.


The video starts with Harisha Pandey – the current head of Rainbow – meeting with fan favourite Ash to talk about the two latest recruits. For those keeping up with Siege lore Kali’s private military corporation, Nighthaven, is a brand new faction and one that steers the game’s focus away from real world counter terrorism units (CTUs) such the SAS, Spetsnaz, GSG 9, and FBI SWAT.

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We then get to see both Kali and Wamai in action, brandishing their new gadgets as they defend a ship from pirates before being formerly brought into the Rainbow Six team.

Although Siege has always had some lore tucked away in character bios and a handful of cinematics, Ubisoft Montreal is now starting to push more story elements into the game. Year 4 Season 4 and the arrival of Nighthaven point to there being more of a narrative focus in the seasons to come. If we had to guess, the tensions between member of Nighthaven and the existing Rainbow roster could turn into a schism, perhaps paving the way for story themed events within the game itself.

Here’s what Siege’s presentation director, Alexander Karpazis, has to say in a recent IGN interview:

So what I can say for Year 5 is the story elements are going to be huge for us. We’re going to have a really important story arc that kicks off in season one (Y5S1). It involves Nighthaven […] this is an important element we want to introduce to the game and everything is going to be wrapped up in that. You’ll see it in the Operators, you’ll see it in the Battle Pass, you’ll see it in all of the stories we try to tell for Year 5.

Ubisoft will no doubt continue to leave a trail of clues leading into next year with Year 5’s big reveal scheduled for the Six Invitational in February.

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