The PlayStation Plus January games should be revealed shortly

Convention dictates that Sony reveals the following month’s PlayStation Plus games on the preceding Wednesday but unfortunately for us that day is tomorrow, Christmas Day. In previous years Sony have announced that December games would run for an extra week allowing them to skip this problem but no such announcement has been made.

It is unlikely that Sony will announce the games on Christmas Day so we are hoping that they will post them today at the usual time, 4.30pm. Last year we had a winter themed game in the shape of Ubisoft’s Steep, will Sony follow suit this year? The obvious choice would be Horizon Zero Dawn but there is no possibility of that game being part of PlayStation Plus for a few months as in January it will be added to PlayStation Now.


However, there are plenty of other snowy games, Skyrim is packed full of wintery landscapes but surely everyone owns that now making it a poor choice for PlayStation Plus. Rise of the Tomb Raider could be a good bet plenty of snow at start of that game, and Uncharted 2 is another game with sections in frosty locations. Another suggestions could be The Witcher III to tie in with the Netflix series, personally I am hoping for Just Cause 4.

The games are hey should be available to download from the first Tuesday in the month, January 7th 2020. As soon as the games are revealed we will update this post.

Whatever the games are someone is bound to be annoyed as almost everything is on sale in the PlayStation Store are the moment, you can check those deals out by expanding the section below.

PlayStation January Sale

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  1. Actually no. If you look at the last PS+ post on the PS blog, they said the december games will stay until January 6. So the new PS+ games will only be available on January 7, and announced as usual one week before, on December 31.

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