The January PlayStation Plus games are now available to download, links here! – TheSixthAxis

The January PlayStation Plus games are now available to download, links here!

It’s yoor monthly reminder to click and download the latest free offerings from PlayStation Plus. This month Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator are the free games.

You can use the link below to get both titles from the PlayStation Store and queue them up ready to download.

The PlayStation store is offering 25% off a year’s subscription to PlayStation Plus, a deal that you can also find on Amazon where they selling a year subscription for £37.49. However, ShopTo are undercutting all the big players by offering a year long subscription to PlayStation Plus for just £31.85, a saving of 36%.  As usual you will not be getting a PSN card through the mail, ShopTo require you to redeem the code by clicking “Get Code” tab on your ShopTo account by 14th January.

Click here to grab the deal from Shop.To.

Don’t forget that you can stack up PlayStation Plus subscriptions, you don’t have to wait until yours is about to run out to by a new sub. You can pick one up now at a bargain price and add it to the end of your current subscription. Along with free games the subscriptions regularly includes free DLC, currently you can pick items for Apex Legends, Warface, H1Z1, and DC Universe Online.

Analysts are predicting that Sony will roll PlayStation Now in to PlayStation Plus this year in a move to combat Microsoft’s Ultimate Pass.

“I expect Sony to finally roll PlayStation Now and Plus into one price in 2020,” predicted Dr. Serkan Toto of Kantan Games. “Microsoft is also likely to add xCloud to one of their already existing service bundle deals. Next year, Nintendo will also add N64 games to Switch Online. These services mark a major turning point for the business model of video gaming – even though on mobile, I predict Apple Arcade to lose its thunder in 2020 already.”

Source: PlayStation Store

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