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Before CES Sony was teasing the future when it came to its business. A lot of places speculated that would mean details on the PS5, which is due out later this year, and to be fair we did get a detail. Sure it wasn’t what the console itself would look like or more of its specs or its price. We did get the logo though which keeps the same style of the current logo to maintain brand recognition. Many were underwhelmed but it didn’t stop the image becoming the most like gaming image from a game’s company on Instagram.

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Welcome to 2020. #PS5

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Over 5 million people liked the image which was captioned with the words “Welcome to 2020.” There are also over 138,000 comments on the post. There have been a few leaks recently when it comes to patents for the PS5. There’s some confusion over whether the DualShock 5 will have back buttons or not as one patent shows them while other leaked images do not. You could speculate that Sony may take a leaf out of Microsoft’s book and have both a standard controller and a pro controller with the buttons included available at launch.

We know the PS5 will have backwards compatibility and developers have praised the console for its sound and graphics. During The Game Awards we got confirmation of the first PS5 console exclusive title and that was Godfall by Epic Games. If you don’t like the look of that Kalypso recently announced a next-gen entry to the Commandos franchise.

The PS5 may face some competition when it comes to power as there are claims that the Xbox Series X will be more powerful than Sony’s machine. None of this is verified yet as Sony is yet to properly unveil its next console with some speculation this will be done around March at a PlayStation Meeting.

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