PS5 DualShock controller patent shows built in back buttons

A couple of weeks ago Sony announced a new attachment for the DualShock 4 controller which adds back buttons to the pad, something that Microsoft has ventured into with its Elite series of controllers as well as third party suppliers like Nacon and Thrustmaster. This move so late in the life cycle of the PS4 sparked some thought that Sony was hinting at what players could expect from the DualShock 5 when the PS5 launches late 2020, with possible inbuilt back buttons. According to a patent filing, it appears that is exactly what Sony is going for.

Going by the picture it looks like the back triggers would be directly behind the analog stick, which would be a good placement as they’d be easy to reach. However, we don’t know if these will make it to the final design of the DualShock 5. Not everything that is patented makes it to the shelf for consumers to purchase. However, with the release of the back button attachment for PS4 the PS5 back buttons do seem a lot more likely and an obvious next step for Sony’s controller.

This isn’t the only patent that has emerged regarding the PS5 as we await official confirmation of what to expect. There have been patents for the next generation of the PlayStation VR, AI assistance so the system itself can point you in the right direction, a patent for a controller that scan player’s faces and make emojis much like smartphones are capable of doing, and another that suggests backwards compatibility will be heading to PS5. The last one would be a huge step considering Microsoft has already embraced backwards compatibility and has stated that the Xbox Series X will continue the trend so people can upgrade to the new system without missing out on games that released on previous generations.

We won’t know exactly what the PS5 system will look like until Sony is ready, and rumours point to a PlayStation Meeting occurring in March.

Source: Polygon

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  1. Hum TSA, “and another that suggests backwards compatibility will be heading to PS5″… that was actually confirmed by Mark Cerny when he announced the PS5, you know. So nothing “suggests” it. It’s a fact.

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