GRID free update adds public lobbies option to multiplayer

Codemasters’ GRID has a free update out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC, adding the public lobbies option to the game’s multiplayer that was first mentioned back in December.

It’s a pretty straightforward feature, letting you create a lobby that other players can then search for a join, working alongside the regular matchmade online modes.

While the feature is now live on home console and PC, Stadia players are going to be a bit out of sync and is expected to get the feature at a later date. As Codies explained on Twitter, this is simply down to that version of the game having had a different development cycle. Then again, Stadia players can enjoy the streaming platform’s exclusive 40-player online mode, so it’s not like they’re being left completely out in the cold.

GRID was an unexpected announcement last year, with Codemasters returning to the franchise for the first time this generation. After the more serious GRID Autosport released at the end of the last generation, this was something of a series reboot, aiming to capture the feel of motorsports with some innovative gameplay ideas, such as having hundreds of AI personalities to race against and an AI race director that could throw in some of the sensational and unexpected elements that crop up in real motorsports.

If you’re yet to play GRID, you can grab a free trial of the game on PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store.

In our review, Tom said of the game, “GRID is an enjoyable racing game for those who want to enjoy some close racing without worrying about camber angles. The market needs games like this to provide light and shade. I was hoping this new GRID would be a fresh start, but it’s last night’s takeaway re-heated. I enjoy leftovers – cold pizza is one of life’s great pleasures – but that doesn’t make the perfect racing game when the rest of the world has moved on.” Head here to catch the rest of our review.

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  1. I was wondering what the update was.
    I’m not sure if my game is broken but I’ve been going round on an oval for days trying to reach the 24,901 miles driven to unlock the last trophy I need for the platinum.

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