Horizon Zero Dawn could be coming to PC

According to industry insiders the critically acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn, will be launching on PC.


This rumour comes via Kotaku’s Jason Schreier who has broken a number of major stories in the past and seems to be a magnet when it comes to reliable gaming leaks. He says:

This news comes from three people familiar with Sony’s plans, all speaking anonymously because they were not authorized to talk to press. Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

If true, this marks an unprecedented move for Sony’s game publishing arm and one that sees it aligning more closely with Microsoft’s new strategy of releasing big exclusives across multiple platforms.

With recent changes to its leadership and a next gen console reveal (presumably) weeks away, could this be the first sign of a new era for Sony Interactive Entertainment?

We’d hesitate to say so. Part of the reason why the PlayStation 4 is the market leading home console is down to its lineup of exclusives. Even now, in its supposed twilight years, Sony will no doubt shift more consoles with The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima on the way.

That said, we could definitely see older exclusive titles make their way over to PC some time after their initial exclusive release.

Developed by Guerrilla Games – the studio best known for creating the Killzone franchise – Horizon: Zero originally launched on the PlayStation 4 back in early 2017. In our review it picked up a solid 8/10:

Horizon Zero Dawn is a bit of a slow burn, but there’s more to Guerrilla Games’ latest than just its staggeringly pretty graphics. The story surprises as it takes several twists and turns and explores the past, but the game’s beating heart is with its excellently tense and engaging robotic monster hunting.

What do you think? Could Sony benefit from publishing its big titles on PC?

Source: Kotaku

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  1. I don’t believe this. You can play Horizon on PC right now with PlayStation Now, releasing the game properly makes PS Now pointless and subscription services are clearly the way everyone is going. If Sony do start putting first party games on PC then why have a PlayStation anymore.

    • Wait a few years after their initial launch then launch ’em on PC at full price again? Seems like a no brainer, really.

      • I dunno, if this is real then I (as a huge fan of PlayStation who has owned every single console) will seriously be considering just buying a new PC rather than the PlayStation 5. There’s a reason why I buy PS5 and its for the games you don’t get anywhere else, if that’s not the case then there is little reason to stay on brand.

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