What We Played #433 – Darwin Project, Pokémon Dungeon DX and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

January has truly set in now – OK, I know we’re over half way through it – and with a bit of tranquility comes the chance to enjoy some of those lovely Christmas presents. I’ve been getting into Need for Speed Heat alongside yet more Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, while reviewing Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore which is yet another great RPG for the Switch.

Aran has been playing Mass Effect Andromeda; “I just had a hankering for Mass Effect and I hadn’t played Andromeda yet. Sure, there is some jankiness still since post launch support was stopped but underneath that I’m enjoying the game. Still getting to know the characters and Ryder isn’t quite as impactful as Shepard yet but my version is getting there by cracking some terrible jokes.” Besides that he’s also been playing the new battle royale Darwin Project for review.

It’s been a bit of a looty-shooty week this time out for Jim. “I haven’t dabbled much in the genre for a while yet found myself thrust into bothAnthem and The Division 2. Both are meaty third person shooters but it’s interesting to see just how different they are in terms of gameplay and the progression loops they force you into. I’m not sure how much long I’ll stick with both though I’m in a better position for when The Division 2’s next episode launches while also hoping EA has something planned for Anthem in the near future.”

Nic B tucked into the demo of Pokémon Dungeon DX, saying “It’s goddamn cute, and the feature that just lets you admire the artwork on the game’s start menu is a real nice touch. Sometimes you gotta take a moment to appreciate the artwork that goes into these games.”  Nick P meanwhile has been finishing up on Jedi: Fallen Order. “That last level was *chef kiss*”. He’s also been putting in some retro time with Dino Crisis.

Shock! Horror! Tuffcub hasn’t even played Destiny 2 this week, instead he’s been ‘playing’ Cubase while he tinkers with music.

Steve is just about on the mend, but that’s still made for a relatively quiet week again on the gaming front. “I managed to go through the second Batman Telltale series which was a nice take on the Joker origin, and also did a bit of bedtime spelunking with SteamWorld Dig. I’ve just started the wonderfully charming Bookbound Brigade this morning as well which I’m hoping will continue to be lovely.”

Miguel was on review duty for our Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot review, played Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore, and some random spatterings of Fortnite and Tetris 99. “I also set up a hard drive on my PS2 so I ended up dipping into random stuff like Bloody Roar 4 and Space Channel 5 for a little bit.”

Trying to tackle his backlog, Reuben’s dropped back into Horizon: Zero Dawn and reminding himself of how great it is. “I’ve failed in only clearing backlog as I’ve also been playing the phenomenal Sayonara Wild Hearts, which I slept on last year (the shame) and got for a present recently.”

Jason continues to be super clued up by playing lots of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, saying that “it’s so damn good still”. He’s also been playing a lot of Magic: ManaStrike, which has its hooks firmly in.

And finally, Tef ventured into The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, coming away very impressed by how interactive the world was, even if actually thinking about the amount of zombie head stabbing you do is a bit grim. Alongside that, he finished off the barmy and quirky Pikuniku on Switch and has started on Mike Bithell’s robo detective conversation ’em up Subsurface Circular.

Now, what have you played?

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  1. Where can I start…. took a wee break from Shadows of the Tomb Raider (that last trophy can wait xD)
    Played Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom that was free on plus years ago lol got the platinum for that.
    Started Mini Ninjas a game I bought launched when it was released back in 2009 LOL (I know I could have got this a fiver today instead of the full price) don’t know what got me away from it must be other great titles around that time I guess. Anyhoo I am near completing the story mode then will mop up for the 411th Platinum! ^^
    Lastly played Trine 2 (again) but this time on the PS4 so still need to complete the campaign.
    Also dusted off the vita and started playing Jak and Daxter trilogy.

  2. I tried to clean up some of my backlog. First, I brought my PS3 back to life, played ancient Dead Space and Okami HD for some time, but decided that I can spend my time better than playing these. Then I went back to my PS4 and had a look at Invisible Inc., which is too turn-based for my liking, discovered Forma.8, which I find very good and will return to, played around a little with mind-bending Bridge. Finally, I continued Zero Time Dilemma on my Vita, which is, again, quite horrible, but in a good way.

    And I decided I will never again easily give up on a console, as this is one thing I really regret, not having kept my C64, my Philips G7000, and other devices from back then.

  3. I started on Shadow of the Tomb Raider, mixed feelings so far but i’ve reached the hidden city and i’m warming to it a bit more.

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