PlayStation gets a new slogan, it’s time to play

Although the PlayStation 5 logo is sticking very much to the design set in the days of the PlayStation 3, it looks like the current slogan used across the PlayStation brand may be on the way out. “For the players” has been used for years and is a pretty snappy tag line, it clearly states that Sony have their customers interests at heart and has a subtle nod to the current iteration of the console.

However, PlayStation Europe’s official Twitter account has removed the slogan and replaced it with the rather more bland “It’s time to play”. What’s interesting is that this slogan change was “leaked” last week via notorious internet dumpster fire 4chan.


However, that “leak” may just be conjecture, the same slogan was used for a recent PlayStation Now advert.

PlayStation France website which has recently been updated to show which controllers work on the current models of the PlayStation 4 and, along with the ‘DS4’, the site also lists a ‘DS5’, so the new controller seems to be following the standard naming convention as well.The new PS5 logo has become the most like gaming image from a games company on Instagram.

Over 5 million people liked the image which was captioned with the words “Welcome to 2020.” There are also over 138,000 comments on the post.

We know the PS5 will have backwards compatibility and developers have praised the console for its sound and graphics. During The Game Awards we got confirmation of the first PS5 console exclusive title and that was Godfall by Epic Games. If you don’t like the look of that Kalypso recently announced a next-gen entry to the Commandos franchise.

The PS5 may face some competition when it comes to power as there are claims that the Xbox Series X will be more powerful than Sony’s machine. None of this is verified yet as Sony is yet to properly unveil its next console with some speculation that this will be done around March at a PlayStation Meeting.

Source: VG247

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  1. Well….. Its time to show off the PS5 and when the pre-orders go live and the price aswell
    Its time to start saving up methinks.

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