Nioh 2’s new story trailer unleashes your inner darkness, DLC season pass confirmed

Team Ninja have dropped a new story trailer for their upcoming Souls-like sequel Nioh 2, showing how and why the game will have you hopping between the human and Yokai realms.


Set in 1555 feudal Japan, this is another period of turmoil and warfare in the country, as monsters and evil spirits infest the lands. You play as a mute hired mercenary Hideyoshi and renowned yokai hunter, which is possible thanks to your ability to wield an inner yokai form. However, their yokai side is a dark secret, as an orphan with both human and yokai blood, leading to calamity one day when the yokai is unleashed.

Thankfully they bump into a wandering merchant called Tokichiro who sells them a Spirit Stone that lets the wielder communicate with yokai spirits. From there, they set out to find other stones and prevent them from being misused. Of course, there’s those that want the power of the stones for less than noble reasons…

Bonding human and yokai together allows for some new twists in the gameplay that will have you travelling between our mortal realm and that of the Yokai. Here your human side is weakened while the Yokai form grows more powerful, changing the balance of the game.

The story will continue after you complete the game with a season pass of DLC content the bundles together three DLC packs. Similar to the original game, you’ll get new weapons, combat abilities, new characters, and a mixture of new main and sub-missions to take on.

Similar to the original Nioh, players can expect new weapons, new combat abilities and new characters, with each DLC incorporating both multiple main and sub-missions.

Team Ninja held a handful of betas last year, gathering feedback from players and making a number of adjustments. Some of the most impactful changes made were rebalancing to the game’s difficulty, including the penalties for players in the Dark Realm, reduced ki damage and recovery time on players. They also added active skills to all weapons and change shrine locations so they are easier to find when exploring the world.

However, on the whole, fans were pretty happy with what they got to play in the beta. An encouraging 83% of players had an overall positive experience with the beta, though the satisfaction with the UI dropped to 66%. Meanwhile 73% of players liked the graphics while 21% thought they were average. The tutorial needs some improvement though, with the satisfaction of that coming in at 66%.

Still, given the largely positive reaction to the first game, it seems like they’re making a lot of good changes to their spin on the Souls-like, and are able to refine that through this feedback. It’s no surprise that this was one of our most wanted games in 2020.

Source: YouTube, EU PS Blog

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